Residential Renovations

Introducing new standards, amenities and code requirements to existing structures takes careful attention, deep understanding of space and structural and stylistic features. We can provide elegant and exciting solutions for organizing space in a single or multifamily dwelling.


Historic Preservation

We are passionate about preserving the original beauty of historic landmarks while giving them new life and purpose. We offer international expertise in the treatment of historic buildings and a deep knowledge of the associated legalities and processes.



Public buildings require special consideration as they may be used by different groups of people with different needs and personal opinions about style and function. We are experienced working on secular and religious facilities and with the committees, groups and boards that represent them.


New Residential

De-sign2 works with our clients' aesthetic and budgetary needs to create a home that reflects their personality. We are sensitive when marrying those elements with a sense of place all while providing our customers with maximized comfort of living.


Please visit our Architectural Portfolio for more samples of our work