Your yard is valuable space that is an extension of the home. At De-sign2 we can help you find your vision and work with you to create outdoor spaces that become your oasis; a getaway that is just outside your door.


Historic Setting

We have the experience and expertise to work within the historic fabric of your neighborhood. We are happy and proud to work with you and the historic committee to develop a landscape with an appearance appropriate to the history of the home and its setting, while satisfying the home owner's requirements and tastes.


Landscape Structures

A shed, gazebo, pergola, trellis, arbor, a water or fire feature can help define and organize your outdoor space while enhancing, framing or screening views. We can sight and help you  select or custom design a feature that is the right fit, style and price.



If developing  your property is governed by wetland or wild life restrictions or if you just want to be a good steward to your land, we provide ecologically respectful and sensitive landscape design solutions. We can identify the natural resources on your property and  develop a plan to sustain and improve them.


Please visit our Landscape Portfolio for more samples of our work